A creative journey of self-expression.


For many, art’s role as a window into society is invaluable. Art has no domain, quite the opposite; it often transcends conceptual boundaries to bring meaning and motive to many people’s lives. As such, art should be accessible to all.

re:defineART prompts those that love art to view it through a new lens. This lens frames art as a journey of self-expression by delivering content that connects you to the creative behind the work. 



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 Discover the influences that inspire our hand-picked selection of painters. Meet established and emerging artists and witness how they are shaping the contemporary art scene of tomorrow.



Zil Hoque


Visual memories captured through motion, light and a selection of colors which seems to be drawn from the Andalucía landscape. This is the story of Zil and his connection with his spiritual home.

Daniel Cooke


With vivid memories of growing up in a rural area of England, Dan used Art to break down his traditional upbringing and discusses what it means to be a man in today’s society and to challenge the status quo.

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