EVENT: Picasso 1932 at Tate Modern

Pablo Picasso, the most prominent figurehead of the cubist movement, is welcomed to London in what is the first solo exhibition of his work be held at the TATE.

Picasso 1932-Love Fame Tragedy promises to show a side of the artist “never seen before”. The exhibition brushes past examples of proto and high cubism, instead focusing on an era deemed to be an extremely intense and highly creative period during artists’ lifetime.

For Picasso, producing art was akin to writing a journal. Each piece reflects various phases in his life; various concerns, and, of course, the various women integral to his experience.

This exhibition serves as a great leadoff for anyone interested in exploring the throngs of cubism, featuring naturalistic paintings and sculpture pertinent to partially abstract cubism. Free for members, or £22 general admittance, this must-see exhibition is on until September 9th.