Sergey Melnitchenko

The Perspective Of The Outsider

It pays to be spontaneous at times, and this time it really paid for me as I managed to arrange to meet Sergey Melnitchenko at his workshop and Q&A, during his latest London exhibition at the Leica gallery.

What better situation to sit down for a chat?

Sergey is a fairly young and talented photographer. He picked up a camera eight years ago and has managed quite quickly to create a name for himself. After winning the Leica Oskar Barnack Award Newcomer 2017 he founded MYPH (Mykolayiv Young Photographers) where he mentors local students and helps cultivate the development of up and coming photographers in his region.

From his humble beginnings in Ukraine to worldwide acclamation, Sergey remains with his feet on the ground, as revealed in this clip while he talks about the underexposed potential of the people around him and within his community.

Momoka Gomi

Multicultural harmony

Tucked away in a diverse part of inner city Nottingham, Momoka Gomi works creating hand-woven textiles as a resident artist at Primary.

The building itself is curious, having been transformed from what was an abandoned school into a cavernous community arts centre for creatives and the public alike.

A tour of the site reveals an eclectic mix of studios and a growing patch where plants are cultivated for producing natural dyes. Then, we come to Momoka’s space and, of course, her loom-shipped from Scotland and assembled with her own hands.

Here, Momoka discusses how her work addresses today’s penchant for all things anti-ageing by fusing together the simplicity of traditional Japanese culture with a contemporary twist.


Jamal Sterrett

Beyond Physical Body

In a society consumed with appearances and gaining likes, Jamal positions himself against the grain using Flex as a vehicle towards self-discovery.

Confidence didn’t always come so easy, but after seeing Flex moves showcased in Jay Z’s ‘Picasso Baby’ Jamal began to study and practice the dance rigorously getting to know himself and his body more than ever.

The discipline and commitment required to be able to maintain flexibility and perform soon became a way of life. Even more, Jamal reveals how the preparation and routines - a sort of meditation- enable him to stay present and tuned-in in an increasingly distracted society.


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